Are You a Corporate Seeking to Help for Social Cause?

Corporate can support one of the following causes under CSR.

Child Education Corporate Social Responsibility
Women Empowerment
Senior Citizens Care
Legal Aid to Poor Rural Area Development

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How Does a Social Work and Volunteering helps a Corporate and it’s Employees?

CSR activities not only benefits the society and underprivileged sections but also, reaps benefits for a corporate itself and it’s employees.

  • It builds a brand profile for the company and helps to maintain trust between the company and it’s clients.
  • Helps to secure a positive image.
  • Keeps the employees motivated through active volunteering participation and spreads community mindedness.
  • Encourages the businesses to act ethically and to consider the social and environmental impacts of their business on the society.
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  • Helps to cure various diseases in the communities in which you operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

This is not new concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in India. It emerged from the ‘Vedic period” when history was not recorded in India. In that period, Kings had an obligation towards society and merchants displayed their own business responsibility by building places of worship, education, inns and wells.

There are different ways through which we help the oraganisations in exerting positive social change in society. We provide structured and professional services to enable companies, donors and NGOs to collaborate with each other and impact thousands of lives in India.

  • Research and Implementation of Schemes
  • Customization of Projects as per donor’s specification
  • Brand Building
  • Tax exemption

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Child Education NGO in India

Best NGO for Child Education

Education is the foundation of development. Without education, it is not viable to seek development at a consistent rate. With a view to strengthen the education base of our country, there are many Child Education NGOs in India working to educate the citizens of our country, especially children and women. It’s been decades after our country got independence, but we are not yet free in literal terms. We are still tied in the links of illiteracy and poverty, an outcome of illiteracy.

Child Education NGO in India

With incapability of our system to fill this void, there emerges a need of child education NGO to come into force and work for the purpose in right direction. These child education NGOs eradicate the lags of our system and look for educated people who are ready to serve the nation by educating the children and women.

Child Education NGO in India

In the slum areas of Delhi-NCR, there are many kids and women who wish to learn and match the pace of development of the city. Here, Child Education NGOs in Delhi contribute vitally in the development process of the city.

Child Education NGO in India

Lex Alliance Foundation is one the most active and effective Child Education NGOs in India. We constantly try to mainstream slum children by way of focusing on slum school drop-outs and proactively tracking them down, motivating them to go back to school, helping them catch up on the studies they missed and getting them admission to schools. Our motto of running a Child Education NGO in Delhi is to provide vocational training to low-literate youth in computers, beauty culture and sewing, cutting and tailoring so they can earn a dependable livelihood and finally break the cycle of poverty.

Child Education NGO in India

Our mission includes setting up vocational centers, community libraries, remedial education centers, etc., ensuring smooth functioning of our plan towards a Poverty-free Nation!.a
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Non Governmental Organizations in India

Lex Alliance Foundation, founded 2 years ago, is an NGO in Delhi (NCR), India, comprises people from all areas of Delhi-NCR. Our mission is betterment of the underprivileged across the country, especially women and children. Our NGO, running in Delhi-NCR, works for people living in slums or the rural population and the ones who are limited by a low status in society in the areas of social, economic, domestic, personal and cultural development.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

Along with existing development strategies of other NGO in Delhi, our NGO has emphasized alternative approaches to other values and means like access to education, quality health care, legal aid, etc.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

We aim at strengthening the foundation of our country by providing free education to the children living in slum along with free health camps including complete health check-up and enlightening the guardians on better health prospects.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

There are many NGOs in India working for the upliftment of society and one such NGO is Lex Alliance Foundation. We are one of the top NGOs in Delhi- NCR and India and our team targets every section of society that is left behind from the mainstream of the society. We aim to strengthen the less-privileged by providing them counseling on various aspects of life viz., legal awareness, skill development, etc.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

In the current scenario of India, the elites are playing a vital role in supporting and promoting the work done by the non-governmental organizations. NGOs in India are contributing significantly in India’s campaign to become a poverty-free nation. We do our bit by providing free education to children living in slum areas, organizing skill development courses for the needy, training them to earn a stable livelihood and, thus, work as bridge between the persons who are needy and the persons who are in the capacity of fulfilling their needs.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

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