Fighting hurdles in the walk of progress!

Across India, there are many NGOs working for solving the problems like child education, legal aid to poor and rural area development. Earlier the layman was quite indifferent and ignorant towards the problems of the society. However, now people from the ordinary class to the elite class are becoming aware of the hurdles that our nation faces. And, they’re coming together in the form of social groups to help our society progress.

NGO for Child Education: How can a nation progress if the younger generation suffers? Child education is a major problem that weakens the foundation of our country. Many NGOs for child education in India are coming forward to safeguard the education needs of the children.

NGO for Child Education

Legal Aid to Poor: Legal awareness is very important for the less privileged people as they’re the ones who most face discrimination & injustice. For example, an NGO in Mumbai provides legal aid to various other NGOs for poor and thus, engaging lawyers to serve the legal needs of the society.

Legal Aid to Poor

Rural Area Development: The rural areas of a country is the most neglected area that is often deprived of the basic amenities of life like water, food, education, health care, etc. NGOs that are set up to transform the lives of people living in slum or rural areas by developing these places so the need of migrating to urban cities goes down to minimal.

Rural Area Development

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NGOs to uproot the main problems of India

There are many areas like child education, senior citizen care, legal aid to poor, rural area development, etc., that need immediate help and support. NGOs in India are actively participating to solve these problems for development of India.

child education

Our NGO works for problems of child education in India. Our motive is to spread education in every corner of our nation. We provide education to every child especially children that dropout of schools to earn income for their family. We strongly oppose child labor practices so as to ensure a bright future for the young generation of our country.

women empowerment

Another problem that arises is of women empowerment in India. We aim to improve the conditions of women in our country and provide them equal opportunities in terms of education, employment and development. We support these women in learning and earning a livelihood to become self-dependent.

senior citizen care

After women and children, senior citizens need support from an NGO who works for senior citizen care to fight with their problems and we support such elderly in living a peaceful and healthy life. We ensure they don’t face any injustice or discrimination and their day-to-day needs are met. They are provided with all types of medical support to ensure their healthy life.

free legal aid to poor

We also provide free legal aid to poor people of India. We strengthen them by creating awareness of their rights and fighting for them in the court of law. This is to make sure that they don’t face injustice when it comes to law.

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Non Governmental Organizations in India

Lex Alliance Foundation, founded 2 years ago, is an NGO in Delhi (NCR), India, comprises people from all areas of Delhi-NCR. Our mission is betterment of the underprivileged across the country, especially women and children. Our NGO, running in Delhi-NCR, works for people living in slums or the rural population and the ones who are limited by a low status in society in the areas of social, economic, domestic, personal and cultural development.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

Along with existing development strategies of other NGO in Delhi, our NGO has emphasized alternative approaches to other values and means like access to education, quality health care, legal aid, etc.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

We aim at strengthening the foundation of our country by providing free education to the children living in slum along with free health camps including complete health check-up and enlightening the guardians on better health prospects.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

There are many NGOs in India working for the upliftment of society and one such NGO is Lex Alliance Foundation. We are one of the top NGOs in Delhi- NCR and India and our team targets every section of society that is left behind from the mainstream of the society. We aim to strengthen the less-privileged by providing them counseling on various aspects of life viz., legal awareness, skill development, etc.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

In the current scenario of India, the elites are playing a vital role in supporting and promoting the work done by the non-governmental organizations. NGOs in India are contributing significantly in India’s campaign to become a poverty-free nation. We do our bit by providing free education to children living in slum areas, organizing skill development courses for the needy, training them to earn a stable livelihood and, thus, work as bridge between the persons who are needy and the persons who are in the capacity of fulfilling their needs.

Non Governmental Organizations in India

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