Huge Contribution of NGOs in India

The three weakest sections of the society being children, women and senior citizens, face the most of the discrimination. They are the ones who are deprived of education, employment, and healthcare. To solve the problems there are various NGOs in India for child education, women empowerment, and senior citizen healthcare.

Child Education: In India, child education is the biggest problem which results in destroying their future prospects of contributing in the development of India. As a child education NGO in India, we take care each child of our country receives education instead of becoming earning hands for their family and thus, contributes actively in India’s development.

Women Empowerment: In a male-dominated society, the position of women is still not satisfactory. Our NGO for women empowerment in Delhi, India, promotes empowerment of women by providing education and employment opportunities to the women of our country from all areas. We aim to provide skill development training to such women so that they are not dependent on their spouse or family on financial grounds.

Senior Citizen Care: Apart from children and women, senior citizens need most care and concern of Senior Citizen Care NGOs in India to help them whenever they face any injustice by way of providing free legal aid and also provide them facilities like proper health care & medical facilities, food and shelter to those who are neglected by their family so that they live a health and peaceful life.

Free Legal aid to Poor: We are running an NGO for free legal help in Delhi and our aim is to provide free legal aid to poor and weaker sections of our society to ensure equal justice for all. We provide them with all kinds of legal assistance along with creating awareness among them so that they don’t face injustice in the court of law.


NGOs to uproot the main problems of India

There are many areas like child education, senior citizen care, legal aid to poor, rural area development, etc., that need immediate help and support. NGOs in India are actively participating to solve these problems for development of India.

child education

Our NGO works for problems of child education in India. Our motive is to spread education in every corner of our nation. We provide education to every child especially children that dropout of schools to earn income for their family. We strongly oppose child labor practices so as to ensure a bright future for the young generation of our country.

women empowerment

Another problem that arises is of women empowerment in India. We aim to improve the conditions of women in our country and provide them equal opportunities in terms of education, employment and development. We support these women in learning and earning a livelihood to become self-dependent.

senior citizen care

After women and children, senior citizens need support from an NGO who works for senior citizen care to fight with their problems and we support such elderly in living a peaceful and healthy life. We ensure they don’t face any injustice or discrimination and their day-to-day needs are met. They are provided with all types of medical support to ensure their healthy life.

free legal aid to poor

We also provide free legal aid to poor people of India. We strengthen them by creating awareness of their rights and fighting for them in the court of law. This is to make sure that they don’t face injustice when it comes to law.

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Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Injustice Everywhere!

The ultimate purpose of Law is to protect the neglected and down-trodden against the unjust elites of the society and getting justice through free legal aid cells.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

Lex Alliance Foundation, an NGO for legal help in Delhi, India, asserts that purpose of law succeeds only when it comes to aid when we need it. Law is a conscience, not personal, but of humanity as a whole. It should be accessible to each person under its purview. Even today, law could not expand its realms to the less-developed areas.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

However, free legal aid to them is one effective solution at rescue. No matter how meek or downtrodden a part of the society is, there is always a scope of empowering them by creating awareness in them to exercise the rights entitled to them. We provide counseling in the matters that require expertise in law and order. Such guidance is provided by an accomplished team of experts associated with the group.

Free legal aid is providing free of cost services of a lawyer to conduct a case or legal proceeding in court of law, generally by way of NGOs for legal aid. An effective way of creating awareness among the weaker sections of the society is through meetings, campaigns and publication of legal papers, so that they’re no more left on the less-privileged side.
The dogma of ‘Justice for all’ can only be held true when no one is left out due to discrimination or lack of recognition, thus, bridging the gap between the privileged class.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

Another effective solution is people from village volunteering to be trained as para-legals and run legal aid clinics in villages. The common people in villages will feel more confident to discuss their problems with a friendly volunteer from their own community rather than with a city-based legal professional.

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