Bringing Quality to Education

Considering a group of 60+ students taught in a class. Evidently, more than 40% of the students are not given appropriate attention, given that every child has his own grasping power & mental aptitude. As a result, such children are left behind in the race with his academic peers. In the vogue of improving academic conditions, innumerable schools have been set up but are inefficient and incapable of imparting quality education.Bringing Quality to Education

The condition of child education in such schools is not up to the mark and that induces a need for ‘Remedial Educational Classes’. In these classes run by Lex Alliance Foundation, an NGO for child education, in Delhi, our aim sticks to teach them the art of learning beyond their curriculum. We strive to instill into them the skills like reading & writing and develop their comprehension power.

Bringing Quality to EducationChild education, in the primary stages, must avoid rote learning and focus on learning practical life skills. Only after a child learns to read & write properly can he grasp the curriculum. Around the nation, various campaigns were run to teach the students to read & write.

Bringing Quality to EducationBy strengthening their foundation, it becomes easier for the children to cope up with the regular curriculum and understand it better. Along with the academic help, our volunteers also conduct various counseling sessions on life challenges as to how they can face the hurdles of life. According to the stats, more than 30% of the children belonging to the below average class of Indian population end up in these juvenile shelter homes that run in a pathetic state. There is a dire need to up the ante in the lopsided education system to protect the interest of the down-trodden. In this course, the concept of Remedial Educational Centers can bring a revolution in our education system.


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