War of Nations; Child Education at Stake

Each one of us has gone through the stage of childhood. We learnt, experienced, fought, and never gave up to become the responsible adults we are. Though in childhood, none of us liked to go to school; syllabus seemed to be a burden forced on us. But, eventually, after turning into grown up adults, each one of us realize how important it is to learn and become a literate.
War of Nations; Child Education at StakeThe tiny tots of our country are totally unaware of the cross border rancour. There will come a day, when they’ll face the truth of how their education was affected adversely due to this aversion.

India seems to be losing on the scales of education in this challenge of cross-border terror.

Lex Alliance foundation, a child education NGO based in Delhi, India has stood up to take steps to cope with this challenge faced with the recent order by the district magistrate to shut down 174 schools along the international border and LoC, Jammu and Kashmir, India, which has uprooted education from the grounds of various villages in J&K. The attacks on the schools have increased in the Valley after the death of Burhan Wani, a Hizbul Mujahideen commander.

Our plan of spreading roots of education to each part of the country includes setting up educational centers to educate the drop-outs and thus helping the slum children to cope up with their studies initially in the slum areas of Delhi NCR, India.
War of Nations; Child Education at StakeThis challenge has to be dealt with on a priority basis by our system. These cross-border terror must not affect the future of our young generations in these states of Jammu and Kashmir. Being a part of this country, the responsibility of our youth is on us. You can also be a part of our NGO for child education situated in Delhi, India and thus give your contribution in this adversity.


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