Child Education and Rural Development

Rural area Development for Child Education

When we talk about the growth of the country, we take various factors into consideration and education is one of them. While urban schools are getting the best of infrastructure, facilities and teachers, schools in rural areas are still struggling for facilities as basic as toilets. Lack of teaching staff and motivation among students are two of the major reasons behind poor education quality in rural schools. 85% of the government schools are in villages, and do not get the benefit of quality education.

Rural area Development for Child Education

The important motivating factor for the development of the economy in today’s time is education. Like in the body of human being liver is responsible for the proper functioning of the body, in the same way education acts a backbone for the economy. Rural area development suggests both the economic improvement of people as well as greater social transformation. As more than half of the population in India lives in villages.

Rural area Development for Child Education

Lex Alliance Foundation is a Non- Profit Organization that aims to improve the quality of education in remote areas.

 In the field of education and child development, Lex Alliance Foundation a NGO in Delhi has increased awareness among the community of the importance of children’s education ngo and their rights and established and strengthened the support mechanisms for children’s rights and children continuing in education. It has accomplished this through innovative activities like evaluating educational campaigns, introduction of creative methods to teach children so that they don’t lose interest and forming parent teacher communities to monitor each child’s growth.

Rural area Development for Child Education

It is education that leads to the road to betterment of a community and the nation at large. And when we think about bring in a reformation in education, we have to point out what all prevents the education system in India to develop.


Bringing Quality to Education

Considering a group of 60+ students taught in a class. Evidently, more than 40% of the students are not given appropriate attention, given that every child has his own grasping power & mental aptitude. As a result, such children are left behind in the race with his academic peers. In the vogue of improving academic conditions, innumerable schools have been set up but are inefficient and incapable of imparting quality education.Bringing Quality to Education

The condition of child education in such schools is not up to the mark and that induces a need for ‘Remedial Educational Classes’. In these classes run by Lex Alliance Foundation, an NGO for child education, in Delhi, our aim sticks to teach them the art of learning beyond their curriculum. We strive to instill into them the skills like reading & writing and develop their comprehension power.

Bringing Quality to EducationChild education, in the primary stages, must avoid rote learning and focus on learning practical life skills. Only after a child learns to read & write properly can he grasp the curriculum. Around the nation, various campaigns were run to teach the students to read & write.

Bringing Quality to EducationBy strengthening their foundation, it becomes easier for the children to cope up with the regular curriculum and understand it better. Along with the academic help, our volunteers also conduct various counseling sessions on life challenges as to how they can face the hurdles of life. According to the stats, more than 30% of the children belonging to the below average class of Indian population end up in these juvenile shelter homes that run in a pathetic state. There is a dire need to up the ante in the lopsided education system to protect the interest of the down-trodden. In this course, the concept of Remedial Educational Centers can bring a revolution in our education system.

Fighting hurdles in the walk of progress!

Across India, there are many NGOs working for solving the problems like child education, legal aid to poor and rural area development. Earlier the layman was quite indifferent and ignorant towards the problems of the society. However, now people from the ordinary class to the elite class are becoming aware of the hurdles that our nation faces. And, they’re coming together in the form of social groups to help our society progress.

NGO for Child Education: How can a nation progress if the younger generation suffers? Child education is a major problem that weakens the foundation of our country. Many NGOs for child education in India are coming forward to safeguard the education needs of the children.

NGO for Child Education

Legal Aid to Poor: Legal awareness is very important for the less privileged people as they’re the ones who most face discrimination & injustice. For example, an NGO in Mumbai provides legal aid to various other NGOs for poor and thus, engaging lawyers to serve the legal needs of the society.

Legal Aid to Poor

Rural Area Development: The rural areas of a country is the most neglected area that is often deprived of the basic amenities of life like water, food, education, health care, etc. NGOs that are set up to transform the lives of people living in slum or rural areas by developing these places so the need of migrating to urban cities goes down to minimal.

Rural Area Development

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Nation prospers only when we come together!

To fight with the parasites of our nation, the responsible citizens of India, come together to get rid of these problems that are weakening the inner strength of our nation. Let’s look at the role of such responsible citizens, as NGOs, in making our nation parasite-free.

  • NGOs in Delhi NCRIn Delhi there are thousands of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are registered and many of them are working for social welfare and development issues and programmes. Delhi NGOs enlisted in NGOs India has been working on various Social Programmes, objectives and activities. Non Governmental Organisations or Non Profit Organisations or Voluntary organisations  in Delhi are associated with Social, Charitable, Financial, Economic, Ethical, Cultural and Philanthropic services and purposes. NGOs of Delhi are operating, functioning, managing and running programmes and issues such as Welfare and Development of Children, Corporate Social Responsibility, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens Care, Legal Aid to poor, Rural Area Development and other social welfare purposes.NGO in India
  • Corporate Social Responsibility NGOThe government has prepared a list of sanitised Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), free of any terrorist links or unwanted funding that can undertake Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The Companies Act makes it mandatory for corporate houses to spend 2% profit on CSR activities. More NGOs would be added to the list, which will help the corporate sector choose their partners in CSR activities.Rules say corporates shouldn’t undertake CSR activities on their own. So corporates are looking for such NGOs and trusts which would undertake these works. Again, there is a huge trust divide between corporates and NGOs and one views the other with a great deal of suspicion. How do these corporates know these NGOs are dependable? We had invited civil societies to get them registered with us. And now, we have put up the first list of NGOs. The due diligence that we are doing would help bridge the gap.Corporate Social Responsibility in India
  • Senior Citizens Care in IndiaSenior Citizens are a treasure to our society. They have worked hard all these years for the development of the community as well as the nation. They possess a vast experience in different walks of life. The youth of today can gain from the experience of the senior citizens in taking the nation to greater heights. At this age of their life, they need to be taken care of and made to feel special. We are one of those who care for senior citizens of India and provide several benefits through its schemes in various sectors of development.With health care facilities provisioned for them, Lex Alliance Foundation has created reasons for Senior Citizens to feel happy. This corner on Senior Citizens is aimed at providing details on various aspects concerning them.senior citizen care
  • Women Empowerment in DelhiWomen Empowerment is a universal theme and yet it is much needed in India. The new India and the old India is still divided by its thoughts. However, the fight for equality starts with the right kind of support and education. A lot of NGOs are working towards empowerment of women in India. We work with several NGOs in Delhi to provide volunteer work opportunities for international volunteers to come and help these women in whichever way possible. As a volunteer of LAF your work in Women Empowerment Program will help women get the kind of exposure and independence they need.Women Empowerment

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These Facts you should know about Illiteracy in India

Every issue that our society faces is like a link of a chain. Each issue is connected to another, either directly or indirectly. The chain of issues in this society that we live in, the strongest link of that chain is illiteracy. Illiteracy is the mother of all issues as it gives birth to many other issues like poverty, unemployment, child labour, female foeticide, population burst and many more.

Below are some facts we must all know about India’s standing on the literacy chart:

illiterate adults in India are women

68% of total illiterate adults in India are women. [ Join: Women Empowerment NGO in India ]

children in India don’t attend school

84 Million children in India don’t attend school. [ Join: Child Education NGO in India ]

children are forced to earn livelihood

About 78 lakh children are forced to earn livelihood even as they attend schools. [ Join: NGO Working for Child Education ]

out of school children in India are girls

1/2 of the out of school children in India are girls. In the next census they will be calculated as illiterate women, which would then have a ripple effect on the education of their children.

illiterate adults

India has the largest population of illiterate adults at 287 million (37% of the global total). China, the second on the list has just 54 million. (via: UNESCO).

female literacy

India is ranked 123rd out of 135 countries in female literacy rate.

illiterate population in India

The illiterate population in India is four times the total population of France.

Not only the government or NGO in India, but every educated individual needs to accept the eradication of illiteracy as a personal mission. Small efforts on your part can make a big contribution in eradicating the menace. Mission Education is one of the initiatives, whose aim is to provide education to out-of-school and the poorest of the poor children across India. In the last 10 years, over 200,000 children have been provided education directly under this initiative.

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Huge Contribution of NGOs in India

The three weakest sections of the society being children, women and senior citizens, face the most of the discrimination. They are the ones who are deprived of education, employment, and healthcare. To solve the problems there are various NGOs in India for child education, women empowerment, and senior citizen healthcare.

Child Education: In India, child education is the biggest problem which results in destroying their future prospects of contributing in the development of India. As a child education NGO in India, we take care each child of our country receives education instead of becoming earning hands for their family and thus, contributes actively in India’s development.

Women Empowerment: In a male-dominated society, the position of women is still not satisfactory. Our NGO for women empowerment in Delhi, India, promotes empowerment of women by providing education and employment opportunities to the women of our country from all areas. We aim to provide skill development training to such women so that they are not dependent on their spouse or family on financial grounds.

Senior Citizen Care: Apart from children and women, senior citizens need most care and concern of Senior Citizen Care NGOs in India to help them whenever they face any injustice by way of providing free legal aid and also provide them facilities like proper health care & medical facilities, food and shelter to those who are neglected by their family so that they live a health and peaceful life.

Free Legal aid to Poor: We are running an NGO for free legal help in Delhi and our aim is to provide free legal aid to poor and weaker sections of our society to ensure equal justice for all. We provide them with all kinds of legal assistance along with creating awareness among them so that they don’t face injustice in the court of law.

NGOs to uproot the main problems of India

There are many areas like child education, senior citizen care, legal aid to poor, rural area development, etc., that need immediate help and support. NGOs in India are actively participating to solve these problems for development of India.

child education

Our NGO works for problems of child education in India. Our motive is to spread education in every corner of our nation. We provide education to every child especially children that dropout of schools to earn income for their family. We strongly oppose child labor practices so as to ensure a bright future for the young generation of our country.

women empowerment

Another problem that arises is of women empowerment in India. We aim to improve the conditions of women in our country and provide them equal opportunities in terms of education, employment and development. We support these women in learning and earning a livelihood to become self-dependent.

senior citizen care

After women and children, senior citizens need support from an NGO who works for senior citizen care to fight with their problems and we support such elderly in living a peaceful and healthy life. We ensure they don’t face any injustice or discrimination and their day-to-day needs are met. They are provided with all types of medical support to ensure their healthy life.

free legal aid to poor

We also provide free legal aid to poor people of India. We strengthen them by creating awareness of their rights and fighting for them in the court of law. This is to make sure that they don’t face injustice when it comes to law.

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War of Nations; Child Education at Stake

Each one of us has gone through the stage of childhood. We learnt, experienced, fought, and never gave up to become the responsible adults we are. Though in childhood, none of us liked to go to school; syllabus seemed to be a burden forced on us. But, eventually, after turning into grown up adults, each one of us realize how important it is to learn and become a literate.
War of Nations; Child Education at StakeThe tiny tots of our country are totally unaware of the cross border rancour. There will come a day, when they’ll face the truth of how their education was affected adversely due to this aversion.

India seems to be losing on the scales of education in this challenge of cross-border terror.

Lex Alliance foundation, a child education NGO based in Delhi, India has stood up to take steps to cope with this challenge faced with the recent order by the district magistrate to shut down 174 schools along the international border and LoC, Jammu and Kashmir, India, which has uprooted education from the grounds of various villages in J&K. The attacks on the schools have increased in the Valley after the death of Burhan Wani, a Hizbul Mujahideen commander.

Our plan of spreading roots of education to each part of the country includes setting up educational centers to educate the drop-outs and thus helping the slum children to cope up with their studies initially in the slum areas of Delhi NCR, India.
War of Nations; Child Education at StakeThis challenge has to be dealt with on a priority basis by our system. These cross-border terror must not affect the future of our young generations in these states of Jammu and Kashmir. Being a part of this country, the responsibility of our youth is on us. You can also be a part of our NGO for child education situated in Delhi, India and thus give your contribution in this adversity.

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Injustice Everywhere!

The ultimate purpose of Law is to protect the neglected and down-trodden against the unjust elites of the society and getting justice through free legal aid cells.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

Lex Alliance Foundation, an NGO for legal help in Delhi, India, asserts that purpose of law succeeds only when it comes to aid when we need it. Law is a conscience, not personal, but of humanity as a whole. It should be accessible to each person under its purview. Even today, law could not expand its realms to the less-developed areas.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

However, free legal aid to them is one effective solution at rescue. No matter how meek or downtrodden a part of the society is, there is always a scope of empowering them by creating awareness in them to exercise the rights entitled to them. We provide counseling in the matters that require expertise in law and order. Such guidance is provided by an accomplished team of experts associated with the group.

Free legal aid is providing free of cost services of a lawyer to conduct a case or legal proceeding in court of law, generally by way of NGOs for legal aid. An effective way of creating awareness among the weaker sections of the society is through meetings, campaigns and publication of legal papers, so that they’re no more left on the less-privileged side.
The dogma of ‘Justice for all’ can only be held true when no one is left out due to discrimination or lack of recognition, thus, bridging the gap between the privileged class.

NGO for legal help in Delhi, India

Another effective solution is people from village volunteering to be trained as para-legals and run legal aid clinics in villages. The common people in villages will feel more confident to discuss their problems with a friendly volunteer from their own community rather than with a city-based legal professional.

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NGO that looks after the ones who once looked after you

No matter how much you grow up and become independent and responsible, there comes a stage when you develop a need to rely on someone. Unfortunately, their dependency becomes a burden on their offspring. There has been an enormous increase in the number of senior citizens being sent to old age homes. These homes are built for the elderly in order to provide them basic food and shelter. These shelter homes are run by ordinary social workers who devote themselves for the good of the society.

Senior Citizens Care NGO in India

After crossing a certain age, a person becomes weak, physically, emotionally and economically. They become dependent for their day to day chores. Their dependency in terms of economic matters also increases. There are various Senior Citizen Care non-governmental organizations in India that ensure the access of senior citizens to basic food, shelter and health care.

Senior Citizens Care NGO in IndiaThe elderly-class people tend to develop various illnesses including mental loss. They need to be taken care of round the clock. Today’s generations are so taken up in their own world that they neglect the needs and proper care of the aged members of the family. It becomes a burden to look after them. In most cases, the elderly either spend their old age in isolation or are sent to old age home where they’re accompanied by people of same age.

Senior Citizens Care NGO in IndiaTherefore, Senior Citizen Care NGOs in Delhi are set up across the nation to fight the war of life for the elderly. We, at Lex Alliance Foundation, endeavour to support them in not just economically but also physically and emotionally. We make sure proper health care is accessible to them through medicines, therapies, counseling, etc., and bring them out of the isolation they’re left in.

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